One thing to be aware of, however, is that DigiCert purchased Symantec’s web security business and that Symantec’s SSL certificate were part of that deal. So when you purchase a Symantec SSL cert, you’ll see the DigiCert logo. This means that while the pricing hasn’t changed, the technology vendor has. Here, you will find an array of SSL products like free SSL, single domain and wildcard options in the domain validation category for individual or commercial setup. Whether you go for a single domain or wildcard SSL then you have a guarantee for your domain and subdomains’ security. Your website will have strong encryption of 256-bit as well as the support of a 2048-bit RSA key.

ssl certificates providers

This covers DV, OV, and EV certs with optional wildcard and SAN functionality. Network Solutions used to be a top dog in the domain registration business, but its fall from grace continues with an outdated interface, dubitable marketing practices, and poor support. It’s a safe choice, considering its years in the industry and millions of domain names. Still, you can find far more lucrative offers among the best domain registrars. The introductory fees are usually in the $2-3 range, but this is just the initial cost.

Plus, unencrypted data transfers are a glaring security gap. Unless specified otherwise, a standard SSL certificate applies to one domain only. This usually means it can encrypt the non- of your domain name, but that’s it. This type of certificate is meant to provide reasonable assurance that you are transparent online.

You have to prove domain ownership, which is a prerequisite for pretty much every certificate out there. If you’re getting a personal certificate, you’ll typically be asked for ID/credit card/social security card. If you’re getting a certificate for your organization, you’ll need to provide proof you are authorized Software development articles for dummies to request the SSL certificate. The certificates are compatible with 99.9% of browsers and feature the standard encryption technology—2048-bit public key encryption with 256-SHA for encrypting the data transfer. This is the industry-standard encryption, and it is impenetrable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service

They provide security, validation, and peace of mind to users and businesses alike. While self-signed and domain level certificates have their uses, it’s the OV and EV levels that businesses truly need. Because they prove that a company has domain ownership, a genuine business, and that the certificate was applied for by authorized personnel. A single domain level certificate starts at $49 per year but can be as low as $36.75 per annum if bought for five years.

What is the best SSL certificate provider?

  • Comodo: Best Overall SSL Certificate Service.
  • Best for Fast Turnaround Times.
  • DigiCert: Best Customer Support.
  • Sectigo: Best for E-Commerce Business.
  • AlphaSSL: Best for Single-Site Value.
  • Entrust: Best for Multiple Websites.
  • GlobalSign: Best for Growing Companies.

According to GlobeNewsWire, the market of certificate authorities would reach $114 million in 2024. BuyPass provides Go SSL certificates that are based on ACME protocol – a protocol that automates the issuance and renewal of SSL certificates. HackerProof Trust Mark Daily vulnerability scan w/quarterly PCI checks and trusted site seal.

Best for Multiple Websites

Bottom line—Entrust is an SSL service provider with a respectable offer for business. The OV certificates are available in single domain, multi-domain, and wildcard SSL variants. Entrust Datacard targets businesses, so it only offers OV and EV certificates. Even trusted root certificate authorities tend to surprise users here, so kudos to for the transparency. SecureTrust is a subsidiary, as well as one of the intermediate certificate authorities, of TrustWave Holdings.

Why is SSL so expensive?

One way of looking at SSL certificates is as insurance. It’s expensive because of the warranties attached to them. If anything goes wrong, an SSL certificate provider will pay out to the end-user affected by an SSL failure. To pay for any of those instances, they charge high prices to the domain owner for that protection and assurance.

As you may have guessed already, unlike other SSL certificate providers we’ve mentioned already,’s main focus is on SSL certificates. It has a wide range of products that can fit the needs of your website, no matter how big or popular it is. The pricing is relatively competitive as well, though the really good bargains are only available if you commit to a longer-term plan. Another advantage of DigiCert-issued certificates is the easy-to-use management platform that users get. The best SSL certificate authority depends on what your needs are. All providers offer a trial period, so don’t be afraid to try one or two on for size.

Extended Validation is a staple in the SSL certificate industry. For many years, we have used our bulk buying power to establish ourselves as one of the best cheap SSL certificate providers globally. Now, you can more efficiently protect a single website, its subdomains, or even multiple domains using one of our popular HTTPS activating certificates. We offer the best certs, for less, to make the web a safer and more reliable place for as many people as possible. GlobalSign is widely considered one of the best SSL certificate providers for enterprise-level organizations. The company has been a WebTrust accredited certificate authority since 2001, and has established itself as a trusted entity for secure connection and transaction services.

Is an SSL certificate free?

Some website hosting providers offer free SSL certificates. While any SSL certificate is better than none, free SSL certificates typically offer the lowest security level (DV). Additionally, paid SSL certificates often offer a warranty to protect your site visitors against any potential SSL-related security threats, while free versions generally do not.

Entrust is an SSL certificate provider that works a little differently than most of the best SSL certificate services. It doesn’t offer DV SSL certs, and if you need an EV SSL, you have to get a multi-domain one, which ends up being more expensive. Every SSL certificate gets a $500,000 warranty, regardless of type of SSL. One of the big players in the SSL certificate services industry is It offers competitive pricing, a money-back guarantee and warranties on all SSL certificates. You pay as little as $36.75 per year for five years for a DV SSL or $49 for a single year.

Find the list of the best SSL certificate providers to secure your website at the cheapest price.

As it’s reasonable to expect, checks of this type take time. Therefore, applying for and being granted an authenticated SSL certificate is not something that can happen five minutes before a new web venture is about to go live. As you can imagine, the impact that a revoked certificate would have on a live business would be very serious.

ssl certificates providers

Modern SSL/TLS certificates are a must to secure traffic between servers and devices. Here are the five best certificate providers to choose from in 2022. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances.

DigiCert may ask you to verify your identity in more ways than one, but the process is straightforward in most cases. The first step is verifying you own the domain name you want to get a certificate for. The support agents usually get back to you instantly anyway, though.

EV certificates are pretty expensive as well, but they’re supposed to instill additional trust in users, so many business owners consider the investment worthwhile. If you’re not sure which one to pick, you can check out the top SSL certificate providers comparison just above. You can also learn how to pick the right provider and certificate for you. —Some providers set low default prices to cater to private users, while others attract corporations with great bulk discounts.

RapidSSL uses GeoTrust’s infrastructure to provide SSL certificates. While the parent company focuses on OV and EV, RapidSSL offers DV SSL exclusively. You can purchase SSL credits and use them to renew certificates, which simplifies renewing multiple certificates at different times. DigiCert offers twelve different SSL combinations with various discounts based on subscription length.

Has been involved in the SSL/TLS certificate industry since the late 90s, making them one of the oldest veterans in the industry. They are also one of the most prominent certificate authorities serving more than 150 countries. Like other certificate providers, they offer extensive warranties to cover possible damages that might derive from the improper issuance of a certificate to a fraudulent party.

Before we get to that, let’s see what an SSL certificate is and how it works. DigiCert and GeoTrust both have fantastic offers for larger organizations, as well as some of the most recognizable trust seals. There are different types of certificate authorities, and you have to find the one that has what you’re looking for.

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